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[line]Where to find us 28th Sep to 4th Oct [/line]

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Monday and Tuesday – Days off

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – next to the grafton train station on Park rd 7am to 2pm

Saturday – Mt Albert farmers market and Parnell farmers Market

Sunday – over on the shore takapuna and Devonport craft market

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Why Crumpets?
One weekend we made crumpets and the results were too good to keep to ourselves. So we quit our jobs to start Kraken Crumpets and share the taste of fresh handmade crumpets with everyone.[/paragraph]

[paragraph bigger=”yes”]Who started Kraken Crumpets?
We are Hamish & Amy, high school sweet hearts from Whakatane who have a passion for cooking and eating great food. After time spent travelling and living in Asia and Turkey we returned to New Zealand keen to put our creativity and cooking to the test.[/paragraph]

[paragraph bigger=”yes”]Did you Make the Cart?
Yes! Everything is designed and built by us – with help from lots of great people.

Hamish is an industrial designer, he came up with the design and we built it from the ground up. The trailer started life as just 4 tubes of metal and two wheels, with help from Amy’s Dad Phil we welded it into a frame. We then clad and fitted it out to get the final Kraken Crumpet Cart. For those interested the curved roof is formed with FlexyPly while the rest of the trailer is sustainably grown H3.1 NZ Radiata Pine.
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[chapter id=”contact” top_margin=”75″ chapter_pattern_style=”2″ header=” Want to get in touch – Drop us a line!” header_style=”4″ bg_image_src=”6″][easy_box style=”full”][header level=”4″ style=”5″ easybox_line=”yes”]Work party or do you have a event needing coffee and crumpets? Well we also provide catering![/header][row]Give us a call 0226044088 or email hello@krakencrumpets.com[/row][/easy_box][/chapter][row inline_style=”position:relative;margin-bottom:-60px;z-index:1″]

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